Mid-2011; the "IT" information technology paradigm is morphing. The introduction and collision of tablets and smart phones in both the consumer and the business-use IT spheres is suddenly causing a very rapid, and complete evolutionary inflection in the concept of information "device".

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unknowingly pointed out this change at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Los Angeles this week, but then apparently missed this huge point too. Mr. Ballmer and other MS executives talked about the current MS system design philosophy that "a tablet is just another PC", while making it clear that, as Microsoft sees it, a phone is not a PC at all.
This'll definitely work. A terrific performance with the Lawrence Welk Orchestra on the TV show from early 1960s. Includes a little banter, including comment by Welk that he'd been trying to get them on the show for several years. Songs "It Hurts Me" and "Paper Doll".

I'm often the grocery runner at our house. I'll hit the store on my way back from a Computer Guy service call, so I haven't had a chance to pick up a shopping list at home. 

For short lists, text messages can get a list to my phone OK.  For slightly longer lists, my wife will write it on a piece of paper and then shoot a picture of it with her phone and send it as a photo message. This also works very well.

But if the list is long, then I need to able to check off the items as I pick them up. Otherwise, inexpert shopper that I am, I have to keep checking my work.
The latest update of the OED, the Oxford English Dictionary, was published on March 24 and it contains some good news for those in the back row in English class. Four new initialisms (a new term for me and my spellcheck) have made it to the official listings of confirmed units of the English language: OMG, FYI, LOL, and WAG. (Oh My God [or Goodness], For Your Information, Laughing Out Loud, Wives and Girlfriends)

Smartphones and "pad" devices are swell tools and/or playthings, whether Android or Apple or Windows. All the smartness, though, brings a problem with battery life. Where cell phones can go for days in standby mode, smartphones and pads are lucky if they can go even one day on standby without a visit to the charger. And you're actually using the thing, then your battery life is down to a few hours.

So what's the deal with smartphone battery life, and is there any way it can be extended?

The thing is, some of the "smart" part is always working "in the background".  That is, even when you're not actually using an app, it might still be loaded up and doing something to be ready for you. And this "background" action is always eating away at battery life. 

It's a good idea to change your computer keyboard. Or; at the least, it's not a bad one.
If your wrists hurt, or if your fingers complain with every keystroke, then you should change your keyboard. Even if you just don't always find it comfortable to type on your keyboard, then it's time to find a new keyboard.

Yes, you can do this. It's easy to do, usually inexpensive, and you can do it yourself! 

The right keyboard for you can make a difference in your comfort, your efficiency and your well-being. You'll type faster and the process can ease the stress on your hands and wrists that comes from repetitive motion. Even if you use a laptop for most or all of your work, you can easily add a separate, more comfortable full-sized keyboard to use when you are in your office or at home.
If you are a Verizon Wireless customer, as we are, it turns out to be pretty easy to block calls and text messages from certain phone numbers that may be spamming you.  I don't know about other carriers, but they all must have something similar.

In the case of VZW, the first thing that you need is to have your "My Verizon" online account set up.   If you don't have one, it's easy to sign up, and it's included free with your Verizon Wireless account.  Just go online to www.VerizonWireless.com and click on one of the "My Verizon" or "My Account" links and follow the instructions to sign up.

FYI: Super Bowl XLV kick-off time is at about 6:30pm eastern US time. I'm posting this here for those have about had it with the pre-game hoopla that began a few weeks ago.  
Two funny short ads, taking advantage of the bigger toy syndrome.... 

La Ferrari Rouge

La Corvette Jaune
Just got some Skullcandy "Riot" headphones to replace the swell Sennheiser CX-300's that I'd had for a couple of years.  Two pairs of those in two years. Loved'em.  Don't know why I decided to try the Skullcandy model, unless it was the lower price.

I wish that I'd ordered another set of Sennheiser's when the second pair quit.

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